Structure of Application Instantiated from CORDET Framework


Project overview

CORDET means Component Oriented Development Techniques. It represents a platform to implement applications and service management in a well-defined architectural setting for on-board satellite software applications. CORDET is using the Packet Utilization Standard (PUS) introduced by ESA to define the protocol through which nearly all space-based applications in Europe make their services available to each other and to the ground.

The CORDET framework is a software prototype developed by P&P Software GmbH of Switzerland and is used by the Department of Astrophysics of the University of Vienna to develop the payload software on scientific satellites. During the project CORDET+ the original framework will be complemented with a web-based configuration tool and eventually, an industrial product for development of on-board SW will be created.

Contribution of our Team

The Department of Astrophysics will use CORDET on two missions, CHEOPS and SMILE. This makes CORDET flight-proven in 2019 when CHEOPS is launched.

Participating in the development of the CORDET framework allows the Department of Astrophysics to consolidate its position as one of Europe's main providers of satellite payload software. In synergy with P&P Software, the framework will be extended by providing a Service Extension and the usability of CORDET will be extended by developing the CORDET editor. The former part shall be delivered by the Department of Astrophysics, i.e. expanding the range of functions for which the framework provides solutions. The latter extension - providing a GUI-based front-end for using the framework - is to be done by P&P Software.

Involved Personnel

Project Manager (Univ. of Vienna): F. Kerschbaum

Project Manager (P&P Software): A. Pasetti

Team: C. Reimers, R. Ottensamer

Next Important Milestones

The project is running from December 2016 until January 2018. CORDET will be flight-proven in 2019 when CHEOPS is launched.


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