Herschel and the invisible end of the rainbow

This Website is dedicated to the FWF science-communication project "Herschel and the invisible end of the rainbow". The aim of this project is to communicate knowledge about infrared radiation.

How was infrared radiation discovered and how can we use it today in everyday life and science?

This central question is treated in a popular-scientific way with interdisciplinary approaches and alternative mediation formats.

Since the discovery of infrared radiation in 1800, human access to the invisible part of the radiation spectrum has changed dramatically. Today, the application of electromagnetic radiation outside of the field visible to our eye is relevant not only in science such as astronomy, physics, biology or chemistry, but also in many fields of medicine, history, art, and our everyday lives.

From infrared astronomy to the versatile use of thermal imaging cameras to the classic remote control that lets us operate electronic devices with the help of infrared signals - all these things are possible only through the discovery of the invisible end of the rainbow

 Project overview