In 1800 William Herschel and his sister Caroline discovered the infrared radiation more or less accidentally through an experiment. This discovery should have a significant influence on not only astronomy but also many other parts of our life as we know it, as for the first time an invisible kind of radiation was detected.

From Arts to Science

William and his sister Caroline were widely known and appreciated musicians before they started to dedicate their lives to science. [more]

Scientific Breakthrough

The scientific breakthrough from hobby astronomer to recognised scientist of William Herschel was made through his discovery of Uranus. [more]

Scientific Legacy

The scientific work of the Herschel siblings was not only restricted to stars, planets, moons, comets, and nebulae, but the discovery of the infrared radiation is also one of their main achievements. Additionally, the Herschel siblings are well known for their construction of telescopes unique in size and precision at their time. [more]