On this page you find a collection for downloads of material and media of this project. Some of the documents are already linked to on other pages of this website.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, information, and/or experience of your use of the downloaded material! Contact:

 Theater script

Here you can download the translated theater script in English language.

If you have any comments or want to share your experience with the play, we are happy to receive your messages to!


The audio play and script are available for download in German language only.

 Seminar documents for the children's university (German)

Here you find handouts and slides for the seminar "Herschel and the invisible end of the rainbow", held by Magdalena Brunner at the children's university in 2018 at the University of Vienna.

The documents are written in German language!

 Poster of the project overview

This is a poster of the project overview, presented by Magdalena Brunner to the international scientific society during the IAU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna.