Meeting Announcements

SMILE SXI CM Vienna, 23-25 Sept. 2019

 Meeting Venue

This is a map showing the observatory with directives for the meeting rooms.

Meeting Agenda v1.0

Telecon (Uni Vienna jitsi server)

Link to Telecon

The University has its own jitsi server to allow telecons without any GDPR issues.

This service is still in testing phase. If you are experiencing sound problems in Safari, try Firefox instead.


Here are additional meeting rooms for the splinters:

Splinter 1

Splinter 2


A list with taxi reservation needs is outside the lecture room on the table with the badges.

Depending on the time of day, it will take 30-50 minutes to the airport. The price is EUR 37 per taxi.

Please give the departure time from the institute (not of your flight).



Dinner at the Heurigen

Let's enjoy dinner at a traditional wine place.

We have arranged dinner at a traditional Heurigen, which is a place where the young wine of the year can be tasted. Everybody will be able to order by menu. The link above provides a map with marks where it's best to catch the bus. Or you go by taxi. This is the place:

We are expected there on Tuesday at 19:30, Password "Sternwarte" or "Ottensamer". Please bring your company!

Conference Photos

Here are the photos taken on day one. Click on the image to retrieve the hi-res version.